Version 1.92 Released

To hold everyone over until the V2.0 release, I have released V1.92 in order to get rid of the frames and fix a few minor bugs in the system. If you wish to keep frames, you will not want to upgrade. I don’t think it’s legit to sell traffic at a premium and then keep them in your site through the redirect, it’s just not honest.

All that pre-order V2.0 will get a free copy of V1.92 to hold them over and get started selling traffic. Upgrading to V2.0 is free and seamless.

Traffic Seller Script 2.0 Reloaded Release Date

Hello, my name is Jeff and welcome to Traffic Seller Script’s blog. I am the new owner who also was the programmer that brought you TSS V1.5 to V1.9.

I’ve been working around the clock to bring you a new and improved Traffic Seller Script that not only fixes a few minor bugs from the previous versions, but it will also bring with it:

  • Removal of frames and break out of frames checker
  • New responsive themes
  • More reliable automated installs, updates and upgrades that don’t change your current running theme.
  • Better country and niche filtering.
  • Speed and security optimizations
  • MySQLi support
  • PHP 5.5 compliant code
  • MySQL 5.6 and MariaDB 10.0 compliance

Pre-order your copy today for the July 15, 2015 release date!


  • Frames were removed because it is not right to charge for traffic to only keep them in your frames, which may or may not work in all devices. This script was made to be reliable and to deliver the visitors 100% of the time, not to show a site in frames with additional ads. If you need more money, get higher quality human traffic and charge a little more.
  • Frames breakout checking is a performance killer and not needed in the software due to the previous note.



V1.8 Released Traffic Seller Script *UPDATE* Please Read All

We are pleased to announce the newest version of Traffic Seller Script v1.8. If you have not updated to the 1.7 version you are missing on a few great key features. One is the affiliate section with-in the script we have added. You determine the percentage you want to pay out. Let the script do all the work. In v1.8 we have added more stats to look at for your customers. Please update your own affiliate banners in the AB section.

If you would like to update the script on your own, by all means do it. –> Your Account –> Download Upgrade Version — Please ensure you do a complete backup of your site before updating — This is just a rule of thumb for all scripts. If you need any assistance please let us know.

Did you know you have an internal ticket system?

Did you know you have a frame break checker link with-in the script?

You also now have the ability to have us update your site(s) via your members’ panel. Just login to –> Your Account –> Manage Your License –> Edit
In the Edit section you will see “Automatic update settings” and below that is where you add your information. Below I will show you an example of information you need.

FTP Server:
FTP Username: yourusername
FTP Password: yourpassword
Relative Path: public_html/ <-- Trailing slash must be there
Root Path: /home/username/public_html/ <-- Trailing slash must be there
Web Path:
Then hit Submit

We have been asked for a couple months to add another payment processor. Well, the time has come. Our coder has added Payza as another payment options for your members. If you are not a member of Payza sign up, it is free and used worldwide. Login to your Admin section of the script, click on Settings — Scroll all the way to the bottom — input your Payza Email address and Payza IPN security code. Then hit update. If you do not want to accept Payza as a payment do not put an email address or the IPN security code.

You, as an owner of the script are now notified of campaigns that have expired. We added this feature as an added advertisement for you. The email will display the purchaser’s link, a link to purchase more credits, along with your website link.

On a side note we will no longer be supporting the “default” theme. If you need help updating your design to our new theme please let us know and we will see what we can do.

If you have any suggestions or ideas; please shoot them our way.

Also, if you are looking for an affordable php programmer let us know too, we will get you in contact with them for your online projects.


P.S. If you want to earn cash with TSS Affiliate just login to your members area and promote your affiliate link. Earn up to $50.00 per sale. Email us for details.

New Script Released

If you are interested in viewing the admin of our newly released script. Please email info at

Also we are offering 50% off please email the info email address for coupon code. This sale will go till the end of July.

Thank you,

TSS Team

A blog with-in the traffic script are you using it?

Don’t forget that we have implemented a blog like feature into the script. This can act as a multifunction features!
1. You can create as many pages as you want. When you link the pages, these pages will also be indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Here is a great example of a page with-in our script that you can be using. How Blogging is good for web traffic This page has multiple streams of revenue which is why we are online correct?
2. Another reason to utilize this feature is you can send referrer traffic from these pages. All you have to do is paste the referrer code in the body section. Now when a surfer hits your redirect.php they are quickly directed to the page and they are sent off to your advertisers page.

No our traffic seller script does not..

To all who are interested in our traffic seller script. Our custom script does NOT generate “free” traffic for you. We know of NO script that can produce genuine traffic out of the box. There is no such script out there that can provide this. Do we know how to generate traffic for yourself to sell to your members? Yes we do. Do we know where to buy traffic from and resell to other members? Yes we do.

Traffic Seller Script Fixes and New Features

We have been working hard past few weeks to change a few things around here. Traffic Seller Script will be a top notch script from before and in the future. Below are the fixes and new features we will be adding. You will be notified via email of the fixes and if you want us to upgrade you we will do it free of charge. Since we have taken over we have made vast improvements.

1. Associative arrays repaired, were being treated as numeric.
2. redirect.php recoded. Campaigns are now stopping on time.
3. trim(), htmlspecialchars, strip_tags applied to all $_POST vars and $_COOKIE vars
4. mysql_real_escape_string() applied to all data being queried against MySQL
5. Addition of /library/_functions.php
6. Repair of queries that were malformed, insecure or just coded using bad form.
7. Some query optimization and code optimization, hanging mysql_fetch_array for mysql_fetch_assoc/mysql_fetch_rows.
8. Campaigns deactivated at quota.
9. Updated the admin settings page to have an additional field “spath” for site web path.

Addition Features additions:
1. Template and caching. Admin modification area to manage the design of the site.
2. Admin section to determine if they want 24/12/6 hour unique.
3. Removal of Niches and additions of them
4. Niche traffic link to resemble redirect.php
5. Traffic Graphs and stats for your members who purchased traffic.
6. Refer a friend coupon
7. Coding and more optimization

What is the need of Web Traffic?

What is Web Traffic?

Web Traffic is just like customers in a store. They come, purchase the goods you provide and help you to earn. The same goes for web traffic. Web traffic refers to the people who come to your website and blogs. They are the one who ones who look into the material in your website or blog and determine that whether in future they want to visit you anymore or not.

This web traffic is monitored thoroughly by websites. They keep a check and records all the details regarding the number of incoming and outgoing traffic. They also monitor what page is viewed the most and is there any particular pattern in the people’s approach, like viewing one single page related to some topic. There are several ways with which this process can be commenced. After all the essential details are gathered, the data is analyzed and the amount of traffic on a particular website is determined.

What good Web Traffic does to you?

Web Traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors on your site. It is decide by the amount of clicks made on to our sites links in one day. Then the calculation if made for the whole month. It serves in the following ways:

  • Helps you gaining more revenue through your product
  • Maximizes your monthly earnings and thus, profit
  • Helps in attaining good page rank in Google
  • Determines your website’s ranking on various sites like Alexa, etc.

In short we can say that it helps one person to grow in the field of internet, be it blogging or website. This way it majorly benefits the owner of the product.

Web Traffic is the Key to Growth

The best way to understand this is to imagine oneself in this condition. Suppose, you has developed a website. You have ample space from a serve to launch it. The key thing you framed this website is to ear through it. The website is about iPhones and but obviously you will want everyone to like and help you in earning. But what if there are no people coming on to your page. You have published it but still people are unknown about it. That is because there isn’t any marketing involved in it.

Without any marketing they will not come to know that any such site exists. You will market about it on some social media and you gain some attention but again that is alone isn’t not sufficient for the traffic attainment. There are other techniques as well like SEO, etc. but that is all together a different issue.

The key thing that we see here is, everything is done for sole motive of getting traffic. Because without traffic there will not be anyone visiting the site and without visitors no site can get popular and earn. Thus, key behind every websites growth is the Web Traffic.

Where and How can you sell web traffic?

You must have read several articles saying that you can get good professional here who can help you in earning traffic for your website. Or you must have heard about your friend working in as one of the team mates to the team which goes about and generate traffic for people on contract basis. Just like a batsmen will look odd doing laundry in the same fashion a person who is good at selling will look odd doing drawing or playing music. Simple reason behind it is, that is something which is not his passion. Hence sincere efforts will lack.

Now the question comes up, how can you go about doing it, selling web traffic?

In case you are a blogger and you have good amount traffic, in other words extra traffic, then you can easily earn extra by channelizing that traffic to some other, needy websites. You can go to some sites that offer those facilities, like some traffic broker website, and sell the traffic for a reasonable rate (per 1000 visitors). Then all you need to do is install a script on your website. This script will guide the visitors, as they click the link, from your website to the website supplied by the broker. But there is one caution that comes with this – it will work only for those websites who have good traffic coming in. Small websites won’t be able to benefit with it.

Follow these instructions and you will be able to get the desired traffic purchasers:

  • Search for some proper traffic agent.
  • Once you find the website of your choice, you can fill in the registration form in there. These forms are different than the regular email creation forms. You will be asked to provide the details regarding you business, source of your traffic (like through search engines, scripts, etc.), etc. Then you will be asked to fill in the prices per 1000 visitors. After successful submission of the form you will be contacted within one or two business days.
  • Then create your profile in that particular site. You will use the username and password that you created while registering with the site. Provide the essential details including the details about source of the traffic and telling about the experience that you have had in this field so far.
  • Get the script from the traffic broker and place in the HTML of your website. Again, if you are not the one who did it then ask a professional to do it for you.
  • After pasting it in your website you can wait for the money to drop in to your account. You don’t have to do anything in making the script work. It will get the traffic on its own.

You can try the following site in order to acquire one such script – This will surely be going to benefit you.