How do I alter my Skin without updates overwriting?


From time to time, skin updates and improvements are added to the upgrade packages. To prevent overwriting your customized Skins, it is very simple.

  1. Via FTP download your Skin’s folder and all files within.
  2. Change the name to anything, no letter and numbers only. In the HTML and CSS files, also change the name in the Skin files.
  3. Upload it to /Skins
  4. Login to your site, go to the admin panel an click “Designs” on the left.
  5. Click the name of your newly uploaded skin.
  6. The copied skin is now applied and will not be overwritten on update.

How do you use Traffic Seller Script to make money?

Whether you funnel traffic from your websites to TSS or you are purchasing bulk wholesale traffic to send there, you can make a lot of money form using Traffic Seller Script. You control how much your clients are charged for each Unique pageview to their paid link. Note that this software does not place paid links online for Google and other bots to see and will not help you in the SERPS. It takes existing traffic and redirects the guests to sites of your paying customers.

It is a very simple concept. You can provide your customers with 2 types of traffic, general country based (IP Based… US,UK,WorldWide) or you can provide that same country support but adding Niche traffic to it. So, you can either send Joe Smith’s site traffic from the U.S. and be done, or you can send him U.S. Business traffic specifically.

How it works is you send your traffic to one URL. the script sorts out the rest and figures out the statistics for you automatically.

Non-niche traffic goes to

Niche traffic goes to

As admin, you have a full control panel that lets you control everything from your skin templates to your fine tuning settings, including letting you manually enter the niches you wish to offer, no pre-set niches.

After the traffic goes to that url, the software decides which traffic customer has purchased traffic for that niche and country and deducts from their purchased credits, updates their statistics and then redirects the visitor to their site. Simple!

Version 1.92 Released

To hold everyone over until the V2.0 release, I have released V1.92 in order to get rid of the frames and fix a few minor bugs in the system. If you wish to keep frames, you will not want to upgrade. I don’t think it’s legit to sell traffic at a premium and then keep them in your site through the redirect, it’s just not honest.

All that pre-order V2.0 will get a free copy of V1.92 to hold them over and get started selling traffic. Upgrading to V2.0 is free and seamless.

Traffic Seller Script 2.0 Release Date

I’ve brought you a new and improved Traffic Seller Script that not only fixes a few minor bugs from the previous versions, but it will also offers:

  • Removal of frames and “break out of frames checker”
  • More reliable automated installs, updates and upgrades that don’t change your current running theme.
  • Better country and niche filtering.
  • Speed and security optimizations
  • MySQLi_ support, dropping of the depreciated MySQL_ library
  • PHP 5.5 compliant code
  • MySQL 5.6 and MariaDB 10.0 compliance

Order today and get 50% off! That’s $50 back in your pocket!



  • Frames were removed because it is not right to charge for traffic to only keep them in your frames, which may or may not work in all devices. This script was made to be reliable and to deliver the visitors 100% of the time, not to show a site in frames with additional ads. If you need more money, get higher quality human traffic and charge a little more.
  • Frames breakout checking is a performance killer and not needed in the software due to the previous note.



V1.8 Released Traffic Seller Script *UPDATE* Please Read All

We are pleased to announce the newest version of Traffic Seller Script v1.8. If you have not updated to the 1.7 version you are missing on a few great key features. One is the affiliate section with-in the script we have added. You determine the percentage you want to pay out. Let the script do all the work. In v1.8 we have added more stats to look at for your customers. Please update your own affiliate banners in the AB section.

If you would like to update the script on your own, by all means do it. –> Your Account –> Download Upgrade Version — Please ensure you do a complete backup of your site before updating — This is just a rule of thumb for all scripts. If you need any assistance please let us know.

Did you know you have an internal ticket system?

Did you know you have a frame break checker link with-in the script?

You also now have the ability to have us update your site(s) via your members’ panel. Just login to –> Your Account –> Manage Your License –> Edit
In the Edit section you will see “Automatic update settings” and below that is where you add your information. Below I will show you an example of information you need.

FTP Server:
FTP Username: yourusername
FTP Password: yourpassword
Relative Path: public_html/ <-- Trailing slash must be there Root Path: /home/username/public_html/ <-- Trailing slash must be there Web Path: Then hit Submit We have been asked for a couple months to add another payment processor. Well, the time has come. Our coder has added Payza as another payment options for your members. If you are not a member of Payza sign up, it is free and used worldwide. Login to your Admin section of the script, click on Settings — Scroll all the way to the bottom — input your Payza Email address and Payza IPN security code. Then hit update. If you do not want to accept Payza as a payment do not put an email address or the IPN security code.

You, as an owner of the script are now notified of campaigns that have expired. We added this feature as an added advertisement for you. The email will display the purchaser’s link, a link to purchase more credits, along with your website link.

On a side note we will no longer be supporting the “default” theme. If you need help updating your design to our new theme please let us know and we will see what we can do.

If you have any suggestions or ideas; please shoot them our way.

Also, if you are looking for an affordable php programmer let us know too, we will get you in contact with them for your online projects.


P.S. If you want to earn cash with TSS Affiliate just login to your members area and promote your affiliate link. Earn up to $50.00 per sale. Email us for details.

How to start selling Web Traffic?

Web Traffic is the most valuable asset in the internet business. It makes or breaks you, ultimately, effects you the most. Every website, be it Google, needs traffic to grow and prosper. For the attainment of traffic people throw around a huge sum of money. They have simple logic behind it – Everything counts till you are seeing the results. Same applies here, if you are earning more than you spend, you have done a good job.

One of the many ways to make money online is selling traffic. People usually go ahead and get a website made for them to sound professionals. There they deal in the sale and purchase of traffic. They will hire individuals or teams and will pay them for working with them. These teams or individuals have to get the desired traffic for the webmasters client in the specified period of time.

So what one can do is, he can get himself a domain name, one that sounds more professionals and serious. Then, that domain name needs a web hosting provider. They are basically big servers who provide web hosting for some nominal fee or might be they ask for a small onetime payment and sell you the desired web space. This way you can attain web hosting for yourself so that you can go about and launch your own website.

The next step involves is the creation of the website. In case you are good at designing a website then surely you can save yourself some money. In case you are not then it is advisable to look for some professional who can design the same for you. Though it will cost you but all your requirements will be taken care of. Once the website is ready you can go around and publish it on the internet.

Now you have two ways of selling your traffic with this website:

  • You can go around and get yourself a traffic redirect script [you get one easily out here – You should search for traffic which is Adsense safe and does not affect any of the affiliates. Get all the knowledge about as to how they work. Once you learn the fine details you can you can go ahead and provide necessary people with traffic from your website itself.
  • Another way is the one that I described in the second paragraph of this article. You can go ahead and hire individual or teams and make them work you by paying them monthly or weekly, as they desired. You can get clients easily on the internet and you can set up this business by being sensible in extracting work out of your virtual employees.

How can you make money by selling traffic?

We all are aware about what a Web Traffic is? And what fortune it can create for any webmaster? Web traffic is the blood running in the veins of any online business. Pump more and the business will flourish. Pumping gets overload, the website gets banned, though that happens rarely.

There are several websites which offer people online work. These websites give people an opportunity to earn by making something online rather than sitting in an office and wrecking over files. This way they can sell their services and earn through it. One such service that can be provided is Selling of Traffic.

Most of the webmasters are hungry about the traffic. They want traffic in bulks as they are not much popular. Less popularity has resulted for low earnings for them. They have tried several things on their own or haven’t tried anything because they don’t know various technical procedures with which they can get good traffic, and hence have failed. But one person who can provide them traffic can earn a good sum from them and if he is efficient enough then he can be kept as a permanent resource.

Now the main question that arises is, How to go about selling traffic?

There are following ways with which you can earn by selling traffic. They are:

  • Freelancer: Freelancing is the best way to earn and provide services. Search for a website which provides you with the facility of becoming a freelancer. There you can go about and look for the projects where any such freelancer is required who can bring in some traffic for a particular type of website. One can apply for it and in case he wins it, then he can go about promoting that site on his blogs and social networking sites to attract traffic.
  • SEO: Another way of selling traffic is by doing SEO for the webmasters. People usually don’t have a knowledge regarding as to how about go and perform the SEO activity to promote their website. In case you have any knowledge regarding this technical aspect then you can easily earn big amounts monthly or on the basis of the project. This is the most effective but laborious way with which you can earn.

Working as Temporary Agent: You can work as the part time agent for some specified amount of time for bringing in the traffic for any particular site and hence to you can again earn big. You can post in some sites as the needy and can wait for some time. I don’t think that wait will be much long as people are really in need of such people who have good knowledge of how to generate results for them. All you have to do is make your words count and results show. Then nothing is stopping you from earning big.